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What Is Berserk 2.0? 🗡️

Unleash the sonic revolution with BERSERK 2.0 – a high-octane drum kit designed for the modern producer. Packed with over 400 meticulously crafted sounds, this 800 MB powerhouse delivers dirty, heavy, and distorted multi kits, perfect for elevating your trap beats.

From thunderous kicks to razor-sharp snares, BERSERK 2.0 ensures every element of your production exudes unmatched intensity. Make a statement, captivate your audience, and redefine your sonic landscape!

How Does It Sound? 💿

  • Beats

  • Loops

  • Premium BEATS

    Drums & Percussion 🥁

    Berserk is filled with some of the filthiest sounds out there, perfect for those heavy hitting beats. But that's not all it contains, I made sure to add a versatile palette of sounds so you can cook up for any occasion!

  • Accents & One Shots 🎵

    I went through the old kit and added a whole one shot section, full of accents & a variety of different sounds. All sounds have been tuned to middle C, it's as easy as changing synth presets!

  • Drum & Melody Loops 🔊

    Start your tracks off with a menacing loop, or maybe lay down an idea over one of my percussion loops! Add subtle complexities and nuance to all of your instrumentals with the help of the Berserk Multi Kit!

  • Sound Effects & Vox 🎤

    I revamped the entire Vocals and SFX section to offer a lot more value when cooking up. Everything from transitional effects, environment sounds, and ear-catching vox hits to fill out your beats.

Forged Sonics. ⚔️

Enter the realm of BERSERK by Relik Selects – a testament to unparalleled craftsmanship honed over years of dedication. A personal collection evolved into a symphony of sound, BERSERK stands as the ultimate arsenal for your musical odyssey.

Organized Chaos. 🌀

Navigating the sonic labyrinth of BERSERK is a seamless experience, meticulously organized for instant inspiration. Dive into a world where subs, 808's, and one-shots resonate harmoniously in every key. BERSERK ensures your musical journey is marked by effortless exploration and discovery.

Immerse Yourself. 🔊

Free yourself from the endless quest for the perfect sounds. BERSERK empowers you to focus on your music, elevating your beats effortlessly. With every essential sound at your command, BERSERK invites you to immerse yourself in a sonic adventure – where your creativity knows no bounds.

  • 575+

    Sounds In Total

  • 1.0+

    Gigabyte In Size

  • 100%

    Royalty Free*


BUY NOW! - $40

*Any loops/samples used in major placements
are entitled to compensation.

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Licensing & Compatibility 🎹

Every DAW that supports external .WAV files will allow you to use our samples.