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What Is Motions? 🌊

Introducing MOTIONS, the ultimate R&B drum kit by PRZM Sound, meticulously crafted to elevate your music production to unprecedented heights. Create anything from Trapsoul, to the classic 2000's influenced beats with ease with this comprehensive collection. Elevate your beats and captivate your audience with the high-quality sound that defines the signature PRZM experience. From sultry melodies to heart-pounding rhythms, MOTIONS delivers everything you need to create chart-topping R&B hits.

How Does It Sound? 💿

  • Beats

  • Loops

  • Drums & Percussion 🥁

    R&B Drums are a tricky subject when it comes to sound design. It's important to make sure that they cut through the mix without overtaking the other elements. That's why we took our time to craft the perfect combination between the two!

  • Melodic Compositions 🎵

    Our team had a blast creating the samples for MOTIONS. We experimented a lot with pads, textures & accents, even running our loops with vintage tape machines, cassettes, and even pedals. Yes, we didn't hold back any punches on this pack.

  • HiHat & Percussion Loops 🔁

    Sometimes a solid groove is all you need to set the vibe. We provided both hihat loops, and even more percussive sounding stuff to set the foundation for your next beat! Pick between the more subtle loops, or maybe reach for something more up front.

  • Sound FX & Vox 🔊

    What would a proper R&B kit be without some saucy vocal runs to play with? We got a bit freaky with the processing so that it sits perfectly in your beats, all while leaving room for the artist! Once youre done with that maybe throw in a few SFX to really sell it!

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Sensual Sounds. 💋

Every sound within MOTIONS was crafted with love and attention. Samples were created to cut through the mix, while still fitting same R&B sound that every comes to know and love.

Move Efficiently. ⏱️

I went to great lengths to ensure that Motions was quick and easy to navigate, all while offering a large variety of sounds for you to choose from. All Subs, 808's & one shots are tuned to C for ease of use.

Hit All the Right Spots. 🛏️

No more searching through 20 different kits to find the sounds you're looking for. With Motions, we hit all the right spots when it comes to making music, & now it is available to you at the click of a mouse!

  • 350+

    Sounds In Total

  • 700+

    Megabytes In Size

  • 100%

    Royalty Free*


BUY NOW! - $40

*Any loops/samples used in major placements
are entitled to compensation.

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Licensing & Compatibility 🎹

Every DAW that supports external .WAV files will allow you to use our samples.