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What Is Obsidian? 🔮

Unleash the power of your music with OBSIDIAN by PRZM, a premier Trap & Hip-Hop Drum Kit featuring over 400 meticulously crafted sounds. Dive into a sonic universe where thunderous kicks and intricate hi-hats elevate your beats to unparalleled heights.

With over 650 MB of top-tier content, OBSIDIAN provides essential tools for sculpting your distinctive sound, whether crafting hard-hitting Trap anthems or smooth Hip-Hop vibes. Elevate your soundscapes effortlessly with industry-leading samples defining today's music landscape.

How Does It Sound? 💿

  • Beats

  • Loops

  • Premium BEATS

    Drums & Percs 🥁

    Tired of using the same old recycled drum sounds that everyone else is using? Us too. That's why we focused on designing over 200 unique drum one shots for you to use within your beats. Standing out has never been easier as a beatmaker!

  • Percussion Loops 🎵

    If drum one shots aren't enough, no worries! The PRZM team and I created full drum loops, percussion loops, hi-hat loops, & even hi-hat midi for you to get a solid head start. Every sample was designed to streamline your workflow when producing.

  • Transitions & SFX 🔊

    I often find transitional effects to be lacking when it comes to the typical drumkits that are out now. Because of that, I invested a lot of time into making sure that we offered a lot of variation for you to choose from. Start adding subtle details to your instrumentals!

  • Fills & Vocals

    It doesn't even stop there. Finish your production off with some ear candy and variation to keep it interesting throughout! We threw in some extra drum fills, adlibs, and even vocal runs that are all royalty free for you to implement into your sound.

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Curated to Perfection. 🟣

Immerse yourself in the world of OBSIDIAN, a sonic masterpiece meticulously perfected for elite beatmakers. What better way to share the love other than providing some of the best sounds in the producer market?

Productive Producing. 📁

Navigating the rich tapestry of sounds in OBSIDIAN is a breeze, thanks to thoughtful organization and effortless accessibility. Dive into a diverse range of sounds, each meticulously tuned to C for an intuitively harmonious experience.

Effortless Creativity. 🎨

Say goodbye to the hassle of searching through endless kits. OBSIDIAN streamlines your production journey, anticipating every sonic need. Elevate your beats effortlessly – every essential sound is just a click away in OBSIDIAN by PRZM.

  • 400+

    Sounds In Total

  • 650+

    Megabytes In Size

  • 100%

    Royalty Free*


BUY NOW! - $40

*Any loops/samples used in major placements
are entitled to compensation.

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Licensing & Compatibility 🎹

Every DAW that supports external .WAV files will allow you to use our samples.